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The square rod 8-60mm
Flat bar 10x3mm-150x30mm
Angles (tasakylkiset) 30*30*3 mm-130*130*12 mm
Angles (erikylkiset) 60*40*6 mm-200*100*12 mm
HEA-bars 100mm-600 mm (1000 mm)
HEB-bars 100mm-600 mm (1000 mm)
HEM-bars 100mm-300 mm(1000 mm)
IPE-bars 100 mm-600 mm
UNP/UPE-palkit 80 mm-400 mm

13CrMo44 (13CrMo4-5)

Flat bar 30x5mm-90x15mm


Round bar 10-850 mm

16Mo3 N/V

Round bar 4-850 mm

13CrMo4-5 V

Round bar 10-850 mm

10CrMo9-10 V

Round bar 10-850 mm


Round bar 20 mm-200 mm (500 mm)

15NiCuMoNb5 V(mat. nr. 1.6368)

Round bar 40-600 mm

12CrMo19-5 V(mat. nr. 1.7362)

Round bar 40-400 mm

Mat. nr. 1.4903

Round bar 20-600 mm

Mat. nr. 1.0566

Round bar 80-625 mm

Mat. nr. 1.4901

Round bar 30-500 mm

Mat. nr. 1.4922

Round bar 20-400 mm

Mat. nr. 1.4923

Round bar 4-450 mm